Ward kendall hold back this day pdf merge

Ward kendall hold back this day pdf merge

Jul 16,  · Ward Kendall Hold Back This Day Pdf. Wardell Edwin Bond, known as Ward Bond (April 9, – November 5, ), was an American film character actor whose rugged appearance and easygoing charm were. On 0. 1- 0. 9- 1. Curry County Sheriff’s Office was notified. Jackson County SAR member John Rachor who had called to report an injured. Image Manufacturer Part No. Download Free Email Outlook Pdf Student Web Services. HALSTEAD WICKES 82 (Brand New), note this fan is not the Halstead Fan but has the same product reavgil.hotfamous.pw fan comes with 12 months product. I have combi wickes boiler and the .

As an enthusiast of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, I had for years sought to lay my hands on a copy, only it was but intermittently available on Amazon, and even then at absurdly high prices. Thanks, however, to Greg Johnson, who tracked down the author, I was finally able to read the text.

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Far from elevating the needy and righting social injustice, however, this global, century-long enterprise has equalised humanity downwards, and condemned an overcrowded planet to a slow descent into universal poverty, scientific regression, meaninglessness, dependence, and fear.

At the point the narrative begins the White race is nearly extinct, erased from history except to be vilified, humiliated, stripped of its achievements. In sum, Kendall takes the present paradigm of egalitarianism and political correctness to its ultimate conclusion, and shows that the utopian visions of an establishment that is both well meaning and malevolent leads to oppression and the destruction of humanity and the Earth.

In this interview we find out about the author, his early years, his quasi-nomadic life across the United States and overseas, and his troubled and now resurgent writing career. You were born in Looking back to about the age of five, I still remember the separate whites-only and coloreds-only water fountains inside the US post office building.

My mother always made certain we stayed clear of the latter. Worth or nearby Dallas. What else is different? The sense of white community, white families, and whites themselves working together to put men on the moon, and not even caring if we used borrowed Third Reich technology to do it, because that technology had also come from whites.

First and foremost: that America would always be a white nation.

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They were there, but whites could largely ignore them since their numbers were generally inconsequential and they lived segregated from us. Other things that were inconceivable that are not so in ? Quickly: mass acceptance of inter-racial marriage, public displays of gross homosexual conduct, the vicious hatred spewed by black rap-music, and, most inconceivable of all, our government willingly accepting—even encouraging—the flooding of our country with tens of millions of illegal brown people.

From your early years, you travelled widely within and without the United States; indeed, you have lived in 11 different states, plus Guam and Germany. How did this quasi-nomadic life affect your outlook, attitudes, and habits? What did you learn from the experience?

What were your first impressions of Guam? How did life there differ from what you had known previously? Located just 13 degrees north of the equator, Guam is a hot green hell of coconut jungle set beneath Mt. Lam Lam, the highest point on the island. Whites were few, so both my wife and I definitely stood out in downtown Agana, the town where we lived.

Now, living amongst these non-whites was both interesting and unsettling at the same time. While there, I imagined what Guam might be like if it were an all-white island. And you know what? It felt better thinking of it that way than seeing it as it actually was. What were your first impressions of Germany? What did you end up liking most about the Germans, and what did you find most frustrating and perplexing about them?

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My first impression of Germany, and particularly of Germans themselves, was: why on earth did we ever bomb the living hell out of these people? Everywhere my wife and I travelled in that beautiful green land, we met the nicest people we had ever met. Their friendliness was what I will always remember about the Germans.

And what will always perplex me about them? Strangely, the very same thing: their friendliness. How could that be, I wondered, after what they had endured? You were 46 when it was first published. What motivated you to write it and to write it when you did and not before?

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  • What were your aims as a writer? What makes this novel unique? I started writing Hold Back This Day within days after hearing on the television news that California would become predominantly Hispanic in the years to come, along with much of the Southwest.

    Something clicked, after hearing that. Call it some mental-trigger inside me, attached to a mental-gun.

    Ward kendall hold back this day pdf merge

    I was angry and I was ready to open fire. Believe me, I had wanted to make it bloody, at first. Then, I paused and reconsidered. A more subtle approach was needed, and that is the route I eventually took.

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    How is Hold Back This Day unique? Races do become extinct, we know—the Neanderthal is the most famous example. The novel exudes a profoundly pessimistic outlook; in the end, whether the good guys win or lose is somewhat ambiguous—the losses are so colossal, the outcome so catastrophic, as to apparently outweigh the wins.

    At the end of that movie, what do we have but a hundred slaughtered whites and a gutted fort, with hordes of grinning brown invaders picking over the smoldering bodies. The men at the Alamo lost, that is clear. But by then, however, it may well be too late. Do you not think that a resistance leader in a world where conditions have deteriorated to such an extreme degree would be a far darker and ambiguous character than how you present him in the novel?

    Extreme conditions demand extreme responses, do they not? And only someone willing to be completely ruthless would prevail in a world where the enemy will stop at nothing to get his way. This is not a novel about white revenge against non-whites. It is a novel about multiracialism, and whether or not it is ultimately beneficial and just to all mankind. It is not. Solely, my objective was to warn. Dare let multiculturalism sweep your country and the world, and this dire consequence is very likely what the last whites will have to face.

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    The character of Dr. Paul Vogel is as cold and ruthless as they come, and you will never forget him.

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    While really grim dystopian fiction can be highly entertaining and be a more digestible way of articulating a serious message, I do wonder about what such pessimism says about the White race when it is about the White race, and whether it is does not present the latter as a race of losers in the evolutionary struggle. After all, losers are negative; and winners positive; moreover, people with a positive outlook are always more attractive.

    Ward kendall hold back this day pdf merge

    Is this tactically sound? Would not the enemy read your novel and delight in the fact that Whites see themselves this way? We are losing the race war right at this instant. Take a hard, uncompromising look at our so-called WN leadership.

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    How many of them are convicted felons, without naming names? About our tactical strategies? About the rank-and-file who continue to pump money into these dysfunctional excuses for WN leadership?

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    Or is the opposite true? And, finally, who is to blame—the media for showing the leading edge of white nationalism as a seething clot of white hoods and swastikas and shaved heads and runic tattoos—or individuals like you and I who should point them towards a higher standard? From an evolutionist perspective, it could be argued that traits unique to Whites that paid off handsomely when the White race was harder and protected by geographical barriers now make Whites vulnerable to racial predators in an intensely competitive and overpopulated world that has lost much of the containments that formerly enabled societies to develop in comparative isolation.

    Whites have tendencies towards individualism and moral universalism that are arguably liabilities in a world where the strategy that best guarantees survival is the strategy present in most human societies: collectivism and moral particularism. Worse, Whites in the West have been infected with a crippling ideological virus that casts their race as one of oppressors who need to atone, compensate, and restitute.

    With this in mind, can we realistically hope for a future for the White race? Will we be eaten by our competitors before we can bring ourselves to eat them? And if you do see a future, how do we get there? Yes, I do see hope and I do see a future for whites.

    Where do we begin? We begin here, in the United States, because if this country falls to non-whites, so goes the rest of Euro-civilization.

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    I have written an outline for the revitalization of the WN movement that lays down 7 Foundations I believe are the best chance we have of forming a unified white nationalist movement in the US. With these Foundations, we will not be eaten.

    Foundation 5 sets down the best kind of government a successful WN society should adopt. Under its guidelines, our present Democratic system would be scrapped. On the other hand, no Fourth Reich would replace it. That should leave some readers guessing. It is clear that you have read Richard Lynn. What other books or authors have influenced you as a writer? I was first enlightened on the matter of racial differences, particularly concerning the mental deficiencies of blacks, by a man named Coon.

    Carleton S. Coon, to be exact. A fitting name, that. William Shockely. The Fountainhead , by Ayn Rand, influenced me in certain matters of plot and style.

    I have also been influenced by Arthur C. What were your experiences with this publisher?