Mcdata 4500 serial port settings

Mcdata 4500 serial port settings

Dec 26,  · I am new to SAN and would like to teach myself by setting a little SAN environment at home. I have bought McData switch off eBay, then I bought several Finisar's GBIC modules. I tried to register a serial number of the switch with Brocade, but I am getting automated replies that it is not a valid serial number. Bug (P3/S3): During repeated cable disconnects, a McDATA Sphereon switch can lose ethernet communication. Workaround: Perform a soft reset with a CLI command through the serial port, or by pushing the IML/RESET button (IML is Initial Machine Load) on the front of the McDATA Sphereon . Sep 23,  · McData's Sphereon Discussion in 'Business & Enterprise Computing' started by BADBOYBUBBY you can reset the password on these through the console port without needing to reboot the switch, if you're running firmware or above. Connect into the Serial Port using ,8,N,1. Password is either 'redips', 'level-2', or 'neergcm. Usually, a professional switch has either a 9-pin serial port or an 8P8C port for dedicated console access. The 9-pin port can be directly converted to the 8P8C port, for example by using this converter: Once you have the 9-pin connection, you can use a standard USB-to-Serial cable to connect to it. Jul 04,  · Thanks a lot for the helpful article. If you don’t mind though, I’d appreciate you’re help, as I’m a bit stuck. When I go to the “properties” dialog for my USB to Serial Port, there is no tab for “port settings.” The tab does appear in the properties dialog of other COM ports though, just not the USB to Serial port.

Page of Go. Table of Contents. Fw Page 8 Backup Configuration View Who Should Use this Use this publication if you are a trained installation and service Manual representative experienced with the product, storage area network SAN technology, and Fibre Channel technology. The center provides a point of contact for assistance and is staffed full time, including holidays.

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Contact the center at the phone number, fax number, or e-mail address listed below. Have the product serial number printed on the service label available. Page 14 Any modification or change made to a product without explicit approval from McDATA, by means of a written endorsement or through published literature, invalidates the service contract and voids the warranty agreement with McDATA.

The CB scheme is a multilateral agreement among participating countries and certification organizations that accepts test reports certifying the safety of electrical and electronic products.

Page 16 McDATA does not accept responsibility for any failure to satisfy the protection requirements of any of these directives resulting from a non-recommended or non-authorized modification to a product.

Ensure the facility power receptacle is the correct type, supplies the required voltage, and is properly grounded. Prior to servicing a product, determine the Ethernet LAN configuration. This function allows low-cost, low-bandwidth workgroup edge devices to communicate with mainframe servers, mass storage devices, or other peripherals, and ultimately be incorporated into an enterprise storage area network SAN environment.

Page Field-replaceable Units 2. SFP optical transceivers Page Sfp Transceiver Figure illustrates the rear of the switch and shows the: 1. AC power receptacle. RS maintenance port.

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This causes attached devices to log out and log back in, therefore data frames lost during switch reset must be retransmitted. Page Maintenance Port Front and rear: 7. Page Maintenance Approach General Information Storage and Shipping Protective packaging must be provided to protect the switch under Environment all shipping methods domestic and international.

Products are shipped with protective plugs installed. The cable has nine conductors and DB-9 female connectors. HyperTerminal is provided with Windows operating systems.

The product can be installed on a table top, mounted in a Fabricenter equipment cabinet, or mounted in any standard inch equipment rack. If items are damaged or missing, contact the solution center: Phone: or Fax: E-mail: support mcdata. Page Desktop Installation 8. Page Rack-mount Installation 4. Using a T10 Torx tool and 2 Phillips screwdriver, install the switch in the equipment cabinet.

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  • The Identification Name, Location, and Contact variables correspond respectively to the SNMP variables sysName, sysLocation, and sysContact, and are used by management workstations when obtaining product data.

    Page Configure Parameters Installation Tasks b.

    Windows 10 Communications Port

    Click OK to save and activate changes. Configure Perform this procedure to configure product operating parameters. Page 44 Cost is directly proportional to hop count. Set the product online.

    Refer to Set Online State for instructions. Parameters 1. Set the product offline. Select Switch and Fabric Parameters from the Configure menu at any view. The Fabric Parameters View displays Figure Page Configure Network Information This setting affects the management mode and does not affect port operation.

    An acknowledgement message displays, indicating the browser PC must be directed to the new IP address. Page Configure Basic Port Information Click a check box in the Blocked column to block or unblock a port default is unblocked. A check mark indicates a port is blocked. Click the check box in the FAN column to enable or disable the fabric address notification FAN feature default is enabled.

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    A check mark indicates FAN is enabled. To configure recipient workstations: 1. Page Enable Cli Installation Tasks a. Click check the Enable Host Control check box to activate host control of the product. The protocol Encryption uses key encryption and includes a digital certificate that enables server authentication and SSL session initialization. The key is an alphanumeric string consisting of uppercase and lowercase characters that must be entered exactly, including dashes.

    If the product fails and is replaced, obtain new PFE keys from the solution center or support mcdata. Have the serial numbers of the failed and replacement products, and the old PFE key number or transaction code.

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    Verify the LAN installation with the customer. The MAC address is unique for each product, and should not be changed. Click OK. The New Connection - HyperTerminal window displays. Page 59 Installation Tasks 8. The password is case sensitive.

    Mcdata 4500 serial port settings

    Devices in the same zone can recognize and communicate with each other; devices in different zones cannot. To register with the Filecenter: 1. Select File Center from the Support menu. The Filecenter home page opens Figure Complete fields as required and click Register. The registration is complete and Filecenter login information is transmitted to the e-mail address specified. At the browser PC, close the Internet session. If no product problems are indicated, installation tasks are complete.

    MAPs consist of step-by-step procedures that provide information to interpret system events, isolate a failure to a single FRU, remove and replace the failed FRU, and verify product operation. Page Quick Start Go to Remote switch has too many ISLs. Go to Fabric initialization error. Go to Collect Maintenance Data. ILS frame delivery error threshold exceeded.

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    No action required. Implicit incident.

    Mcdata 4500 serial port settings

    Bit error threshold exceeded. Was the maintenance action successful? Was a failure indication observed? Page 72 A Fibre Channel link incident is indicated. Exit MAP. Perform a data collection and contact the next level of support. Refer Collect Maintenance Data. Select Event from the Logs menu at any view. The Event Log displays. Record the event code and associated date, time, and severity Informational, Minor, Major, or Severe.

    At the Event Log, examine the first two bytes of event data.

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    Byte 0 specifies failed FRU. Byte 1 specifies the slot number of the failed FRU 00 for nonredundant, 00 or 01 for redundant as listed in Table Page 77 Maintenence Analysis Procedures a.

    Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the protective cap from the 9-pin maintenance port at the rear of the chassis. Connect one end of the RS modem cable to the port. Table lists event codes, explanations, and MAP steps. Go to step Cooling fan propeller failed. Go to step Cooling fan status polling temporarily disabled. Go to step Multiple ECC single-bit errors occurred.

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    Go to step Invalid attachment. Go to step Port set to inactive state.