Install solaris 10 zone on solaris 11 firewall

Install solaris 10 zone on solaris 11 firewall

Install the solaris10 Branded Zone. The zoneadm command described in Part II, Oracle Solaris Zones and in the zoneadm(1M) man page is the primary tool used to install and administer non-global zones. Operations using the zoneadm command must be run from the global zone on the target system.. In addition to unpacking files from the archive, the install process performs checks, required. Sep 11,  · Can I install Solaris 11 in an LDOM or a zone on Solaris global host running Solaris 10? We are starting a proof of concept and I really don't want to compromise a whole box to Solaris 11 . How to Configure the PF Firewall on Oracle Solaris. To run PF as your firewall, you configure the file to reflect your policy, then enable the firewall service. To log PF events, see Using Packet Filter Logging.. Before You Begin. Jun 08,  · How to stop Firewall on SOlaris 10? How to stop Firewall on SOlaris 10? murali (TechnicalUser) (OP) 8 Jun 06 On Linux we can use iptables for this. What is the command on SOlaris 10 to do that? RE: How to stop Firewall on SOlaris 10? huebs (TechnicalUser) 8 Jun 06 How to configure a solaris 10 zones and configure resources like memory, CPU, file system, disk etc. What are the types of zones - whole root zone, sparse root zone, global zone, non-global zone, big zone, small zone.

In oracle solaris 10, zones was introduced which gave us an ability to create isolated environments for applications that can run on a single machine.

Install solaris 10 zone on solaris 11 firewall

Solaris 11 has added a lot of new features to the zones technology. Let us get started and see how we can create a zone in solaris In case you are new to solaris zones refer the post how to create zones in solaris 10 to get started.

Install solaris 10 zone on solaris 11 firewall

IPS repository. ZFS file system to install zone This is mandatory is Solaris First thing we need is a installation path for the new zone to be created. I am going to create a filesystem under rpool of global zone.

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  • Using zonecfg we will create the new zone, zone01 and assign the necessary resources through the interactive configuration flow of zonecfg command. Before installing the zone make sure you have a IPS repository available to use as Solaris 11 uses IPS to install the new zone by downloading the installation image from IPS repository. I have a local repository set in my global zone.

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    Now the final step is to boot the configured, installed zone and configure the zone using the System Configuration Tool SCI. The system configuration tool starts after you press enter.

    Install solaris 10 zone on solaris 11 firewall

    Now set the root password. Also if you want any user to be created, you can do it on this screen.

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    After this the system will get configured. No need to login as its the console login of the zone.

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  • Check the status of the zone01 from the global zone. It should be running now.

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  • If you check zfs list, you would only see zfs dataset assigned to zone and not the global file system. Done: Installation completed in Next Steps: Boot the zone, then log into the zone console zlogin -C to complete the configuration process.

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